Healthy Oilseeds, LLC

Flaxseed on the store shelf in Peru.  A tea is made with flax, barley and other ingredients.

CLOVER MEADOW BAKERY in Maple lake, Minnesota produces a delicious gluten free flax bread using HEALTHY OILSEEDS milled golden flaxseed.  

​​Flax added to beef cattle rations is important for added protein and energy.  The really great thing about flax in beef diets is the increased fertility in cows and bulls.

                            William J. Smith

​                             Midway Polled Herefords

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COLUMBIA COUNTY BREAD AND GRANOLA out of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania produce a unique handmade flax granola in a variety of wonderful flavors using HEALTHY OILSEEDS brown and golden flaxseed.

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Compare Oilseeds

                           Flaxseed      Chia           Hempseed     Sesame        Pumpkin      Sunflower

One ounce 

Calories               152               137                155                160               151              164

Fiber                    7.8 grams     10.6 grams    1.1 grams      3.3 grams     1.7 grams    2.4 grams

Protein                 5.2 grams     4.4 grams       8.8 grams     5.0 grams     7.0 grams    5.8 grams

Omega 3 fats      6.5 grams     4.9 grams       

Omega 6 fats      1.7 grams     1.6 grams                             6 grams        6 grams      6.4 grams

Manganese         35% RDI       30% RDI                               34% RDI       42% RDI     27% RDI

Thiamine             31% RDI       15% RDI          31% RDI

Magnesium         28% RDI       30% RDI          45% RDI       25% RDI       37% RDI     23% RDI

​Oilseeds are a great source of healthy fats, fiber and a healthy vegetarian protein.  

It is very easy to add these ingredients to many foods including smoothies, salads, yogurt, breads and oatmeal.